Multi Site Hunt Yields Silver

After doing some research, I pitched three locations to a friend of mine.  So, we headed out very early this morning – to try to avoid the searing heat.  Unfortunately, I had neglected to check ownership of the first location.  It was an old school in a remote location, but it is now under private ownership.  It was a stupid mistake, and it wasted time.  Something I hate doing.

So, we moved on to a park that I have hunted previously and wanted to make sure there wasn’t something there I had missed.  After being there for half an hour, it was obvious I hadn’t.  So, we headed off to my final spot.  Unfortunately, the sports field that I wanted to hunt is now fenced and locked.  I was super bummed about that because it had great potential.

Luckily, on the way there we spied an older school that I hadn’t been at before.  The downside was that I hadn’t researched the site before we went.  The fun part was that I was trying to read the land to figure out what was where.  You can typically tell where the baseball diamonds were, paths, etc.  I got a few things right and other parts wrong.

The going was slow as we moved in a field next to the school.  We were getting pennies  in the early sixties.  I commented to my buddy that we needed to get some wheaties to really establish the possibility of silver.  After being there for a while, I got a 1944 wheatie out near the football field.  I moved toward the road after doing recon on the field.  I got a sweet signal that was a little jumpy.  It bounced from the upper 80s to the lower 90s.  I really expected to get a silver coin out of there.  I pulled the plug back and exposed a pretty cool silver ring.

We also hit the tot lots.  Only got junk jewelry and some coins.  Overall, it was a good hunt.  Not great by any means, but I don’t typically expect that on the first outing to places – especially if I haven’t researched them!  The great thing about the hunt was that my buddy was getting to know how to hunt much better.  So, there was a lot of talking through that.

I came home and researched the site and will definitely be going back.

Silver Ring Metal Detecting

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