Never Ask Permission From Family Members Where There Is Bad Blood

Yes, that is a long title.  But this should serve as an example to others.  I had a very bizarre experience yesterday.  I am in the habit of asking land owners for permission to metal detect their property.  Well, I had asked the relative of someone in my family and had a great experience.  His farm is old and had neat stuff in the ground.  Well, I found out that they also had relatives that owned an exceedingly old home (for my area) that was unchanged.

Now, if you have been doing this for any time at all, you will know that this is hard to find.  Anytime you can get a property that is old and unchanged is just incredible.  Anyway, let’s move on.  I had heard that there was some bad blood there as a woman had married this guy’s brother shortly before he died and gotten the property.  But I didn’t think much of it since I had only heard this in passing.

So, yesterday came and I finally decided to go over there and ask.  Unfortunately, when I got there, it had just rained a lot.  So, I went over to the old house and it was amazing.  Incredibly old and the land was just untouched.  I had a small addition, but nothing too bad.  I knocked on the door and a woman answered.  Unfortunately, the swinging door was glass paned and I couldn’t hear her.  I told her about who I knew, but she looked confused.  Then she motioned and I thought she was saying that I should come to the front.  The house is odd b/se it faces a road that no longer exists, but did in the 1800s.

Well, I waited in the front for a bit, but she didnt show.  So, I went back around.  She came out and that’s when things went bad very quickly.  She started interrogating me about who I was and why I was there.  She came totally unhinged.  It seemed the more I explained, the worse she got.  At this point, I started fearing that she had a firearm as I didn’t know what she had been doing in the house.

So, I said sorry about a hundred times and that I didn’t want to startle her and I was leaving now and wouldn’t be back.  As I drove out that long driveway, I kept thinking, “Man, I hope she doesn’t follow me.”

This is the first, and hopefully the last time, this type of thing ever happens.  I think I really scared her and for that I felt terrible.  But there was no consoling her and I was worried about my safety.  So, the lesson here is just to avoid bad blood.  That came up in the conversation and I think that’s what sent her over the edge.

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2 Comments to “Never Ask Permission From Family Members Where There Is Bad Blood”

  1. docbars says:

    Thats the other good thing about metal detecting,we all have some crazy adventures sometimes lol…

  2. mdfanatic says:

    hahhaha, yes, that is true!

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