Quick Hunt Produces a 1939 Mercury Dime

Well, I continue to do well on the silver this year.  Again, I plotted out a quick hunt – having done the research.  I had 3 sites to check at this location.  The first one had been mutilated.  The other two haven’t.

So, I checked out a spot that was very close to a road.  Yep, total junk there.  Well, I did fetch a modern penny.  So there.  So, I headed over to the other spot and found what looked like two covered wells.  That got me excited.  The ground had been moved around, but I managed to nab a 1939 mercury dime.  That made me smile.  Actually, that always makes me smile.  I also managed some change, a piece of copper, and a token.

I got done with that spot and moved over to the last spot.  Boy, talk about a cellar hole.  Unfortunately, the weeds are just ridiculously high in that area right now, so it may have to wait until fall.  Oh well.  Once I got back, I looked the area up again and found yet another site.  This one could be prime as the area is still clear and it is nowhere near any roadwork or otherwise. Exciting!


Mercury Dime

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