Research Equal 3 Silvers

You will hear me harp on the virtues of good research.  Honestly, if you know how to do it, it can produce great results quickly.  I had a little time that I could burn and I needed a spot that was close.  So, I did some research and found a spot on public land that used to have a house on it.  You just never know in circumstances like this.  So, off I went.

Well, it is super hot today, but I decided to head out and try it for a short time.  I showed up at the spot and was very happy to see that the area had been cleared in some areas.  So, I jumped out and started hitting that clearing.  I didn’t get anything, so I head to the front, near the road.  There was an area where it was clear – which was a miracle.  I ducked into it and started a nice, even swing.  A minute later I got a weird, jumpy signal that had a high silver tone in it.  I always dig those.  First out of the hole is a piece of junk metal.  I swing again, and out comes a 1962D Roosevelt Dime.  Now I’m really hopping!

I keep hitting this area, but I’m only getting junky signals.  I switch to the back (from whence I came) and start hitting the cleared area.  The small field behind it is just too grown up.  After about 10 minutes I get a big, sweet silver tone that is jumpy.  Have to dig that.  So, I clear the area and dig some more.  I swing again, bam, 94 VDI.  That is a sweet silver half signal.  To my astonishment, there is the edge of a 1941 S Walking Liberty silver half dollar staring up at me.  You just can’t believe the adrenaline rush you get on these!  As you can imagine, now I am uber focused.

I work that area and pick up yet another Rosie on a super iffy, yet high, tone.  Out pops the 1952-D Roosevelt dime.  I also nabbed a 1941 wheatie, which I was sure was just a modern, yet pre 1982 penny.  Didn’t have depth, but I was fooled.

As you can see, you just never know what you are going to find in this incredible hobby!

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4 Comments to “Research Equal 3 Silvers”

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  2. docbars says:

    Sweet finds.
    Yep it’s all about research.

  3. mdfanatic says:

    thanx docbars…yes it is!

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