Silver Walking Liberty Half and Silver Ring

Here is another pretty good detecting story.  It’s filled with murder and intrigue.  Okay, not so much.

There is a small community park in these parts.  Well, I had been putting off hunting it because the land had changed.  Back in the day, it had a very old house on it and was farmland.  You find that a lot.  So, I decided I would try it – because you never know.  I should make that a mantra.

One of the odd things about this spot is a mound.  Now, I still to this day haven’t found anything to suggest it was an Indian mound, but it looks the part.  I hope it isn’t because they have put a bunch of benches and grills on top of it.

So, I got out of the car, fired up the detector, balanced it, and was off.  I started moving around the mound as, honestly, I was nervous to move onto the mound for the reasons mentioned above.  As I moved around the back I got a heck of a signal about 6 inches down.  Now, this showed up as a 94 on TID on the AT Pro.  This typically indicates a silver half dollar.  I was thinking, “Yep, here comes a can.”  That was partly due to the fact that the 94 bounced around a lot.  But it didn’t have that fast attack signal that aluminum typically has.  Nope, nice and sweet.  So, of course, I dug it.

I dug down about 6 inches and there was a large root.  I stood up and swung the coil.  Yep, super strong, unwavering 94 with a super sweet flutish tone.  Now my heart starting beating harder.  I pushed really hard on one side of the root – you know, underneath.  I didn’t want to scratch anything under it.  To my amazement, out flies a 1944 Walking Liberty silver half dollar.  Yes, I am always amazed when I find large silver.  It’s hard to compare seeing a large silver coin come out of the ground.  The picture below shows exactly how it came out.  All it takes is a little water and it looks good as new.

Well, by this time I had totally adjusted my expectations of this site.  I moved around back – near to where the former house stood.  Got a nice 80 and another sweet tone.  A spinner silver ring was sitting at the bottom of the plug.  So freakin cool!

The only thing that outdo that is seeing gold in the hole.  That’s on another level completely.

Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar and Silver Ring


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