Why Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting is an amazing hobby.  It combines exercise, history, geology, wildlife, anthropology, numismatics, etc.  Most people don’t understand the richness of this hobby.  I remember when I was very young and hearing about metal detecting.  I was fascinated how you could find stuff in the ground.  It was like a sort of magic.  Although I didn’t get into the hobby until later, the fascination stuck.

There is nothing like being able to find something of value – whether it is sentimental, historic, or monetary – in the ground.  I just love seeing how gold and silver look like the day they were dropped.  It’s hard to describe that moment.  You’ve done all the homework, you have worked the site well, and bam – you just know that signal is going to be good.

The people who are metal detectorists are also usually high quality people.  They almost always do the right thing.  Sure, there are some bad apples in there, but I have been very impressed by the caliber of the people who detect.  All of this just makes detecting a blast.


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