Another Metal Detecting Recon Yields Another Wheatie

Okay, so I continue to research and pick at sites.  I found another interesting site today that is also on public land.

The interesting thing about it is that the area I wanted to look at hasn’t seen a ton of construction or dirt moving.  Because of that, I was hopeful of finding some silver.

I moved down a hillside to the place where a structure used to reside.  It was near a fairly large tree and I got to work.  Moving around the tree, I found numerous pennies, but all modern.  Now, I know that this area housed stuff prior to 1930, so I slowed down and listened intently.  Lots of surface finds.  As I moved around the tree I got a super nice signal that seemed deep.

It was showing a nice silver signal and tone.  The problem was that it was very large.  Because of experience, I knew this was probably a bigger piece of copper.  Sure enough, out comes a section of older copper piping.  I found a few of those.  And a large fence post top.

Then I moved up the hill and got a nice, deeper penny signal.  Pulled it out, but the back was just so crusted and I couldn’t get a date.  But I also couldn’t see the typical memorial posts on the back.

Yep, left the site, cleaned the penny to reveal a 1953-D wheat penny.  I’ll have to come back to this place.

1953-D Wheat Penny

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