Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

I have been using the Garrett AT Pro heavily for a while now.  As such, I wanted to give folks my review of this “all terrain” metal detector.  Garrett has tried to make an all purpose detector, at a mid range price point – but has it succeeded?  Let’s see.

Garrett has tried to bring a lot of stuff together on this machine.  And I think they have done an exceptional job on this detector.  You will be hard pressed to find a detector this good in this price range (about $600).  And with that, let’s dive into it.


Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

The AT Pro sports a nice, solid black coloring with silver accents.  I think it looks really cool and sleek.  Of course, it sports that double D coil that works really nicely.  More on that later.  People comment on the size of the readout.  I think they think it’s too small.  I think it’s fine, but I have really good eyesight.  Folks also comment about no backlighting on the screen.  I figure if you are hunting in dark, you can hook up an LED.  Personally, I don’t think it’s a huge deal and most people won’t need it.  So, with that, let’s more in depth on the AT Pro Control Panel Screen.

Control Panel Screen

AT Pro Control Panel Screen

Target Identification

There are two things to notice when we have a target under our coil.  The first is the notch identification.  On the screen above, we can see that it shows a quarter.  The other thing to notice is the Target ID, or TID.  It shows an 85, which actually seems low for a quarter signal.  Anyway, these will tell you what you are looking at.  After some use, you will wonder how you did without the TID.

The AT Pro sports 6 distinct modes.  You can see them on the left side of the control panel.  There are Basic: custom, coins, and zero modes.  And there are Pro: custom, coins, and zero modes.  Most beginners start out in basic mode.  It gives very basic target chimes.  Most users quickly move to pro mode as it gives a lot more auditory clues.  It also has much quicker recovery between targets.  Again, once you use the pro mode, you will wonder how you could have fared without it.


In the top left of the control panel we also see the number “30.”  This shows the amount of iron discrimination.  If you run it up to “40” it will give you very good iron discrimination.  This will effectively silence any reading below 40.  You can also use iron audio in conjunction with this.

Iron Audio

Iron audio is a sort of fine control on the iron audial cues.  For example, if you set the iron discrimination at 30 and then turn on iron audio, you will change how the low tones, mid tones, and high tones work.  In this example, the low tones would be from 0 to 30.  The mid tones would run from 30 to 75.  And the high tones will go from 75 up.  If you did not use the iron audio, then the low tones would go from 30-40.  I hope you can see the difference.  This can be a very nice tool.

Coin Depth

The right side of the control panel shows you a calculated depth.  Now, this works well when the object is what the AT Pro expects.  For instance, if you have a silver dime under the coil at around 6 to 8 inches, it will most likely read in the mid to upper 80s.  When you start digging and get close, the TID will get higher.  But, if the object is a larger piece of copper, you may get the exact same reading.  What you will probably find is that the large piece of copper can be much deeper.  So, if you start digging and get to 6 to 8 inches and it still reads the same – probably a large piece of copper.  For coins, however, this reading does well in most circumstances.


The lower bar, under the TID, shows the amount of sensitivity.  You want to run this as high as you can.  Just know, there are times when more is not better!


The large button does what it says.  I have found the pinpointing to be pretty good, all things considered.  You will run into trouble when hunting in trashy areas.

Notch Discrmination and Elim

These are used together to “notch out” discrimination.  Let’s say there are a ton of washers in the area you are hunting.  They keep showing up as quarters.  You could notch discriminate those and not hear them.  Of course, you will lose targets as well.

Ground Balance

The ground balance button allows you to automatically adjust ground balance or do it manually.  This is crucially important to deal the mineralization at a site.


Most users will find the AT Pro very easy to use.  Yes, there is skill to using it, but the level of entry is not high.  That is one thing I really love about this machine.  I could show an absolute beginner how to use it proficiently in a few hunts.

Weight and Balance

This isn’t the lightest machine, but just over 3 pounds, it’s not bad at all.  I can swing this thing all day – and I have done that.  Some people complain that it is a little nose heavy, but I don’t feel that.  If you start rushing, it will hurt your shoulder after a while.  But that goes for any detector.


Now, this is something I don’t like about the AT Pro.  The connectors are proprietary.  You can stick a standard set of headphones into this machine without an adapter.  I don’t understand that choice.  The connectors are also a little tough to get in and out.

Cam Locks

The new stem comes with cam locks and offer great stability.

Coil Cover

It does its job just fine.


Okay, this is the “meat and potatoes” of the review.  Does this machine find the goods?  Yes, it does.  I have found some awesome finds with this detector.  Early coppers, all kinds of silver coins (it’s a silver hound!), jewelry, relics, etc.

I was pretty shocked at how easy it is to learn this machine.  Some other machines can take a long time to master effectively.  I was finding very nice stuff almost immediately.  It can find stuff at very nice depths.  I recently found a small, silver woman’s ring at around 10 inches.  That signal was very faint, but it was good enough to make me dig.

I also love the target separation on this machine.  I cannot tell you how many times I have found coins right next to, or below, iron and junk targets.  Those signals are typically strange, but the good signals do come through.  I cannot wait to get the smaller coil!

One of the major appeals to this detector is the ability to use it in water.  I have used it in both salt and fresh water.  Does it rival top water detectors and pulse induction detectors on the beach?  No, it does not.  But it can do the job.  You definitely want to hunt in parallel lines to the water line on the beach – so you don’t have to adjust the ground balance a ton.  But it does work pretty well.  It does just fine in freshwater.

There were stories of the Garrett AT Pro leaking and falsing.  These were an issue when the AT was first released.  I don’t see these as an issue now.  I have never had an issue with this detector and many say the same since they did some modifications.  If you are buying a new version of this machine, you will have those modifications – so don’t sweat it!  And if something does happen, Garrett does service very well.

I have to say that once I started working in the pro mode zero, I have never looked back.  The tones are really nice and the TID can really help you.  If you take the time to learn this machine, you will find lots of really amazing stuff.  I have taken this machine to locations that have been hunted very heavily and found great finds.  One such location was a park that is now a sledding hill.  I hunted the top of the hill really slowly and got a deep tone that was barely audible.  Out comes a very nice Barber dime.  This type of scenario is repeated often for me.

The screen can get scratched and does have glare.  A quick answer for that is to cover it with a phone screen protector.  That really helps stop the glare and protects the screen.  Some users have also reported bubbling on the screen cover.  Garrett is typically all over these types of issues.  Again, their service is extremely good.

I can’t speak to relic hunting as much.  But I do know from reading countless posts that people also like the iron capabilities of the AT Pro.

And the 15 kHz frequency offers great ability to get those smaller jewelry finds.  Personally I love this, along with the double D coil.  The double D coil see down like a “slice.”  This, coupled with the frequency, has gotten me some great finds in small places.  I have had trouble with concentric coils in those types of scenarios.  Also, I like that tradeoff on depth with the frequency, when coupled with the double D coil.  I hope that makes sense.

TID – Target ID Values

It takes a while for folks to get used to the pro mode tones and also the TID values.  Once you get the hang of them, they can be of tremendous value.  As a very general rule, you will find iron below 40, gold from around 40 to 70, and clad and silver above 70.  Large cents will ring up in the upper 80s – around 87/88.  Indian head pennies and high copper pennies (pre 1982) will ring up 81/82.  Zinc, junk Lincoln pennies (modern) can ring up in the 70s and almost always eaten up by soil/metal interaction on the base metal.  Yep, they are junk.  Clad dimes ring up 83-85.  Nickels will ring up a solid 52/53.  Quarter will ring up 87/88.  And Halves will ring up in the in the lower 90s.

Silver is a totally different animal.  It will usually produce a super sweet, flutish tone.  This sweet tone will become unmistakable in your silver hunting.  Silver war nickels will ring up like the solid 52/53 but will be higher b/se of the silver content.  Usually they ring up in the 60s-70s.  It will have a higher, flutish tone.  Silver dimes ring up in the mid 80s and sound great.  Silver quarters come in around 90.  Halves around 94.  And dollars around 99.

Now, as it goes with everything in metal detecting.  You need to learn discernment on these values.  Very deep and/or worn silver dimes, for instance, can ring up in the 70s.  So, if you are at an old site, dig those deeper tones.  Also, if the target is really deep, you may not get any TID readout.  You may just get a tone.  Dig those.  At least cut a plug and remove some soil.  This will allow the AT Pro to lock onto a TID.

Anyway, here are a couple of charts that I found on the foundmall AT Pro AT Gold forum.  My apologies if I am grabbing these without acknowledgement to the creator.  I don’t remember who made them.  If you are the owner, let me know and I attribute them and/or link to you.  Thanks!  The VDI refers to the TID numbers.  VDI is a minelabs detector expression, but they are used interchangeably.  Notice how thinner silver items can ring up much much lower on the TID!


Gold is a very difficult thing to find.  That’s because it rings up in the same range as a lot of trash items, especially aluminum pulltabs.  The only way to find a lot of gold is to dig a lot of trash, period.  The signal should be repeatable.  And it’s usually good to confirm the signal from different angles.



Overall Impression

The AT Pro is really an amazing metal detector that I would whole-heartedly recommend to my closest friends.  It’s hard to beat the combination of features with the mid range price point.  I can take this detector with me almost anywhere and know that I can go metal detecting.  And I know that I will find stuff!  It is an absolute silver hound.  I have been shocked at the amount of silver I have found with it.  If you are on the fence about purchasing this machine, please put those doubts aside.  If you do the research and get on good sites, you will be happy with what this detector can find for you.  No, it doesn’t offer the greatest depth or the best saltwater detecting, but man, it does incredibly well.  Oh, and by the way, Garrett’s support is incredible.  They are friendly, attentive, and respond quickly.  Compare that to, say, Minelab’s support.

AT Pro Metal Detecting Finds

This is the part of the review where it gets fun.  Here are just a few items that I have found using this wonderful detector:

1824-large-cent 1845-large-cent Barber-Coins indian-head-penny mercury-dime silver-flower-ring

AT Pro Problems

The Garrett AT Pro does have some problems.  First, the stock headphones (I can’t speak to the waterproof ones) are not very good.  They aren’t too comfortable to wear over long periods.  There is also a problem with the cuff.  Garrett has had issues with these breaking.  Mine just folded over while swinging in a field.  They promptly replaced the cuff.  I’m pretty sure they are changing the way they manufacture them to avoid this in the future.  I have also heard some complaints of the coils either going out or the compound on the bottom coming apart.  Garrett has been very responsive to these issues.  But, as always, I would love to hear your comments about your experiences.  This will help others decide whether or not the AT Pro is a good buy for them.

Bottom Line

The Garrett AT Pro is not for everyone.  You need to align your detecting goals with the right equipment.  If you hunt beaches exclusively, you shouldn’t buy this machine.  You should get a detected water machine, like the newer pulse induction ones.  Will the AT Pro work on the beach or in the surf?  Sure.  But it won’t do as well as a dedicated beach machine.

However, the AT Pro is a super all terrain machine.  And the price is really hard to beat.  And I have found some very tough objects to find.  I have found objects that were small and deep.  I have fished out objects in iron that others have missed.  And I have had fun in the water with it – or detecting in a downpour.  The coils work really really well.  Pinpointing is easy.

And another great thing about the ATP is that it is pretty easy to learn.  You can learn how to use it pretty well in a few weeks – or quicker if you hunt every day.  But it is powerful enough that you will still be learning it years from your purchase date.  There is always something new to learn.  There is always a way to gain an upper hand on a tough location or other detectorists.

A big part of this equation is who you are.  Detecting takes perseverance and tenacity.  If you don’t have this, no detector will help you.  Learn how to research, how to dig targets correctly, how to read a location, etc.  If you do, you will get the goods.  But be assured, there is no shortcut to proficiency!

Best of luck.

Heck, if you stick with it, maybe you will find something like Beau did:

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36 Comments to “Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review”

  1. eugenio rivera says:

    hola buen dia.. deseo saber si tienen algun distribuidor en mexico d.f. y si es asi, les agradeceria si me indican la direccion de este..

    gracias por su tiempo..

  2. Excellent review and I concur. I have the AT Pro and love it.

  3. mario1972 says:

    Hi !

    I have two AT Pro and Gold. It is fantastic detectors but both of them have problem with dis of big iron pieces 2nd – poor arm cuff (broke plastic look out for using to much force with armrest strap) and poor headphone adapter broke very often. But any way five stars.

    • mdfanatic says:

      mario1972, good comment on the arm cuff. i need to update this review. my folded in half and i notified garrett. they sent me a new one right away. i sent pictures to their R&D. I’m pretty sure they are in the process of changing them. As for big iron – all detectors are going to have an issue with very large iron targets.

  4. Martin Johnson says:

    Had one , now two ….. I purchased a Whites M6 for my wife and myself when we decided to get back into the hobby after many years of not . We found very quickly that two machines were needed for this to be much fun for both of us at the same time . Instead of another Whites , I purchased a new AT Pro as our second machine . It didn’t take me very long to learn that the features of the AT Pro over the M6 was a something I really liked . The ability to notch , the ability to discriminate , the different tones to search in , the AT Pro had it all over the M6 in my opinion . The M6 went on eBay and we now have two AT Pro’s . Just received the new AT Pro today so my wife has not had a chance to give it a try . But I know once she does , she’ll understand totally why I sold the M6 and purchased her an AT Pro . From my newbie status , it’s one fine machine . I have a bag of clad already started, silvers items ( pin & some coins ) a few rings and some other little gems goodies . I’m very happy that I purchased the first AT Pro , so much that I went out and got another for my wife ….

    • mdfanatic says:

      Hey Martin, thanks for the comment! It really is a great machine. I use it very heavily. I need to update the review a little, but I still feel the same way.

  5. john says:

    Mine is in the mail and on its way!!! Thank you for the honest review. I am lookin forward to trying this machine.

  6. Ron G says:

    I read everything people left. I am under the impression that minelab claims to be number one. If they are why didnt they ever come out with a water proof unitl like the ATPro? Why didnt White be competitive and also make a water prof machine? I WILL BE BUYING ONLY ONE MACHINE.Im still not 100% sold that the ATPro will be the way I go. Ronie,Owner of Gotzon Getzit trout and bass lures for 2013

    • mdfanatic says:

      Ron, Minelab has the CTX 3030. From I understand it is an excellent machine. It better be for $2500. What I like about the AT Pro is that it is an incredible value!

  7. Randy says:

    Hi mdfanatic,
    i really like your review on the AT pro, i am thinking of getting 1, but i have a question and that is can AT Pro detects gold?

  8. mdfanatic says:

    randy, yes – it can. but the AT Gold is better at it. You should check it out.

  9. I really like the reveiw . I used to run with whites detectors for years great machines
    I picked up a garrett at pro last may I have put over 500+ hours on
    The at pro and Love the machine . Happy hunting Everyone.
    Ken 🙂

  10. mdfanatic says:

    Ken, you voice the opinion of many, many ATP users. Incredible machine.

  11. Marcel says:

    I have been doing alot of research on new detectors and i am leaning towards the AT Pro but from some reviews it says they are cheaply made… Did you find this to be true?

    • mdfanatic says:

      they have had issues with the arm cuff, but are now making stronger ones. the stock headphones are pretty cheap. if you buy it – buy the waterproof ones. you will be glad you did. other than that, this detector has been rock solid for me for 2 years of really heavy use! i say go for it – you will love the detector.

  12. Dave says:

    Just bought an AT Pro. I’m a bit confused. I ground balanced it and tossed a dime on the lawn. The AT pro found it, but says it’s 12 inches deep. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Bryan says:

    I know this review is from several months ago, but thank you for the pros and cons. I had run Whites for years, including their underwater pi detector with lots of luck. I am just getting back in to it and have been reading some very helpful reviews. This just seems to be the perfect detector for doing some water and some land. Thanks for your review.

  14. Kurt says:

    A lot of people search in the water. Why isn’t there a water proof pin pointer?

    • mdfanatic says:

      i had heard that there are, but i didnt get one. people also put silicone over parts of the pinpointer to make it water tight. good question.

  15. Mike wagener says:

    I have a AT pro it’s a great machine except the connection on the headphone jack plug the prong that sticks out has broken off and is lodged inside the male connection on the pro housing ,how do do I remove it without damaging the plug

  16. Jim Manning says:

    I have an AT Pro and a Garrett pro-pointed. I had a problem with the pro pointer and called Garrett customer service. These techs were great. No questions ask other than “how can I help you”. I try to hunt everyday since I have retired and the AT Pro has given me many hours of enjoyment. I would recommend the AT Pro & Pro pointer to everyone. This is a great piece of equipment.

  17. john warren says:

    i started with a minelab 505 xterra and i was having trouble just getting used to the machine and i usually have rainy days off from worm so when i seen the garrett i had to have one and it was the best decision i made thus far ow and the propointer def worth the money as well we now have to and cant wait to get out in the spring

  18. Jonnyboy says:

    Very nice review ! thanks, I went out and bought one today , going on my first ever hunt tomorrow. I’m down in Florida for the winter months ,going back to British Columbia in the spring .

  19. lori says:

    thanks great review, just got a great deal on a at pro $ 200 under cost. so in general should I run it on pro zero and notch out to 30 disc? im mainly looking for gold rings in the shallow waters of fresh water beaches…

  20. Dennis P says:

    Hi there
    I agree with your review of the AT Pro. I bought mine just two months ago off of ebay and the first couple of weeks was a bit disappointed with the machine as it is very popular these days. I also have and use a couple of Whites as well. One is an MX5 which is fairly comparible to the ATP. I have to tell you that after about 30 hrs of using the ATP I am impressed. I’ve actually found more coins with the ATP in old parks that I’ve previously hunted before with my other machines. I have 6 metal detectors and for very specific reasons. It is true, one machine can be better for a task than another. I’m fortunate that I can have more than one machine. If I had to make a choice to have only one….it would be the AT Pro. Enough said.

  21. Donald Pare says:

    I purchased an ATPro 2 months ago . Great machine overall . Though its sits kind of uncomfortable in my hand , the arm rest is to far forward . Almost like it needs to bent back a little bit . But certainly enjoying other things like the Iron audio ! Have found sterling , and coins under garbage ! I am certain I bought the right machine for me not to mention all the over the top service garrett provides !

  22. Matthew says:

    Absolutely awesome review. I have the at pro and I am always reading and trying to learn about it to better hone its abilities. The charts are outstanding. And I am guilty of giving up on anything under 70 because the trash (only been at it a year) and have literally zero gold and almost no nickel finds because of this. I am gonna dig anything about 35 after this review and the information in the charts. Now I’m absolutely torn at the idea I walked over bands or rings thinking it was just another pop tab. Seems as tho the only option is to retrace my steps lol. Should keep me busy a while.

  23. Crabtree says:

    Nice to see an accurate and unbiased review for once! I sold my first ATP as I thought I had outgrown it. Long story short, 4 months later I have another one. These machines punch well above their weight and I agree that they LOVE silver. Ahh, that sweet, sweet note.

  24. Tim says:

    Great review. I have had my AT Pro for about 3 weeks, and I’m just ‘starting’ to learn all the nuances of the tones and vdi readings and depths. I am looking for my first silver coin, and reading your comments about how deeper silver behaves on the ATP has me excited to go out and dig some targets… As Matthew said above, I have had a bad habit of only digging the hard hitting 80’s tones, but I have most certainly left some treasures behind….Thanks for the post!!

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