Metal Detecting Site Recon Finds Paper Money

So today I decided to head out to three older schools.  Most of these were turn of the century.  It turned out to be an interesting day.

Honestly, I haven’t had a ton of luck with schools when trying to find older coins.  I have done well with jewelry at schools.  But I figured I would try anyway.  The first school was a very tough location.  The only area that was semi workable was a field on the corner.  I had some hopes for it since it housed an older ball diamond.    However, the soil was super rocky and I wasn’t getting any deep or older coins.  I knew where that was heading.  But I persevered and made sure to recon the entire area.  As I was doing so I spotted a paper bill in the middle of the field.  As I approached, I thought it may be play money.  But as I got closer, it was apparent that it was real money.  So then I thought I had a dollar.  But I was happy to see a ten dollar bill just waiting for me to pick it up.  Always a nice and easy recovery!

Well, I headed out – and I was pretty bummed on that site.  But the ten dollars was a nice recovery and made me smile.  So, I headed off to another cool school site.  When I got there, I was disheartened to find that I was about 3 months late.  The school had been demolished.  However, there were some areas where soil hadn’t been moved.  Unfortunately, there was only clad to be had.  Boy, amazing.

So, I moved on to a site I was very excited about.  Very old and included a school with a bunch of sports fields behind it.  To my amazement, the site was a complete and utter desolate waste.  I’m assuming that the area features some very savvy metal detectorists.  And to that, I say, I tip my hat to you.  Seriously, when you find a spot that is full of potential and you know that someone has just hammered it.  Well, all you can say is well done.

So, I headed out with a lot of clad and some paper money.  So, all was not lost.  But I won’t be going after schools for a while.  No, I have water hunting on my mind.

Ten Dollar Bill Metal Detecting

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2 Comments to “Metal Detecting Site Recon Finds Paper Money”

  1. Nooberz says:

    Can’t beat a find like that!!!

  2. mdfanatic says:

    no doubt nooberz! it’s actually my first paper bill i have recovered. i’ve found lots of things, but never paper. it was fun.

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