Recon Site Yields Encrusted Wheat Penny

So, I have been in full research mode, trying to get some new spots.  Honestly, I really enjoy this part.  Sometimes the recon can be a little brutal.  I mean, you can hit spot after spot and not find a lot.  But man, once you find just a few spots, it’s go time.

So, I was surprised to find a nice, public spot that had really good age.  And it looks like not much has changed over the years.  That shocked me as I thought this spot was very recent.  As always, it pays to research.

Anyway, I headed out at lunch for a super short hunt.  I actually thought ahead this time and brought a different shirt and sandals.  Even then, it was brutally hot in the shade.  So, I decided to hunt some shaded areas on the edges of property.  About 10 minutes into the hunt, I got a nice penny signal that was pretty deep.  I dug down and found a really crusty wheat penny.  I couldn’t read the date, but could later when I washed most of it off.  Looks like a 1951.  Now that gets me excited about the silver potential in that spot.  Again, I was shocked.

It’s another lesson that you should not discount areas because of preconceived notions.  What I mean is that you should research them.  Sometimes you can find spots that once housed something really old.  The great fun of that is that most people haven’t a clue.  And you can walk in there and pull out some amazing treasures.  I do this consistently.  There is nothing so sweet as pulling silver and gold out of the ground in spots where people just walk over.

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