Tesoro Compadre Review

My first detector was the Tesoro Compadre.  It’s funny because this detector looks like a complete toy.    But don’t let that small coil, light weight, and cute look fool you.  This thing can find stuff.

One of the extremely nice things about the Compadre is the simplicity.  It really take two minutes to get up and running this machine.  Sure, it takes a while to understand how to use it, but it can outpace some much better detectors in certain circumstances.

The searchcoil is 5.75 inches and concentric.  This is one of the reasons it is so light.  2.2 lbs is pretty ridiculous.  That is another reason it can be a good starting detector.  You can swing this thing all day long.  The 12 kHz operating frequency can get you some of those smaller objects while not totally sacrificing depth.  But the combination on the coil and frequency can allow you to get into those trashy areas.  In fact, I would recommend that after you get used to this detector that you go into those old, but trashy areas.  You’ll be able to get items where larger coils can’t.

The simple knob discrimination is super easy.  The more you turn it clockwise, the more you discriminate out targets.  It starts at iron and moves up from there.  I recommend that if you want to find gold that you run at the lowest discrimination possible.  All metal is the best, but it’s understandable that iron can cause havoc in some spots.  The discrimination works really well and is progressive.  That means that as you move the knob past iron to something like foil, it was discriminate out iron and foil.

If you have a younger beginning metal detectorist, you may want to consider getting this detector.  Something comparable would be the Garrett ACE 150.

Now, there are some downsides to the Compadre.  It does not give you a readout on the depth.  You can, however, get to know depth by the strength of the signal.  It just takes really learning the machine.  It also will not tell you what the signal is – quarter, dime, etc.  Again, though, you can know this somewhat by learning audial shapes.  This means that you move around the target and really start understanding the shape a sound takes.

Can this detector rival mid range and high range detectors?  No way.  But it is good in the lower range.  If you don’t want to learn the audial cues or think that would be hard for a younger detectorist, get the ACE 150 or 250.  I tend to recommend going toward the high end of the lower range to start.  So keep that in mind.

The Tesoro Compadre is a solid machine that boasts super light weight, great discrimination, superior trashy area searching, and long battery life.  It will find smaller objects, but has a harder time finding things that are really deep.  Overall, I like this detector.

Tesoro Compadre

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