The Downsides To Finding Something Awesomer

We get into this hobby because we like adventure, history, and treasure.  Now, that treasure can be purely historic treasure or it can be something with amazing monetary value.  All of us dream of finding something amazing, but there are downsides.

So, picture this scenario.  You’ve done your research and you have found a cool, old park.  You go out hunting.  The area is a little on the rougher side, but there are lots of people around.  You start hunting and really start to dial into the hunt.  Your focus is razor sharp.  You are finding lots of newer stuff, but nothing old or valuable.  The time moves quickly while you are having a blast.  Next thing you know, the sun is starting to go down.  “Well, I better start heading back to the car,” you think.

And then it happens.  You get a nice signal in the upper sixties on the VDI.  So, you start digging the signal.  Yep, you are expecting the infernal pull tab.  But to your surprise you see something glimmering in the hole.  “No way,” you say to yourself.  Your heart starts beating really fast and you feel like you are looking down on the experience.  You quickly push the dirt away from the object.  You can’t believe it.  It’s a huge ring.  And it heavy. “Please be real, please be real – have a freakin karat mark!” your mind repeats.  You can’t brush the dirt off fast enough.  And there it is – 18k stamped clearly on the inside.  As you turn the ring, you are met with a massive shining front.  It’s incredible, the front is covered with small diamonds.  You start jumping up and down and yelling.  You can’t contain yourself.  That is, until you see the others looking at you.  That’s when your excitement quickly turns to panic.

This scenario may seem far fetched, but it does happen.  I have noticed over the years that some people pay more attention to detectorists than we would like.  This is rare and I don’t want to scare you unduly.  But I want to help you think about the potential downsides of finding amazing stuff.  I have read through some verified and incredible discoveries.  On almost every occasion the size of the find is met with a commensurate amount of fear and paranoia.  When you find something, out in the open, that is potentially worth an incredible amount of money, those emotions are warranted.

You just need to remember that when you find something awesomer, you need to very aware of your surroundings and keep your emotion in check.  Unfortunately, if you find something really incredible, you may have to keep that information to yourself or maybe one other person that you truly trust.  But, for most finds, it’s okay to share and enjoy.

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