This Is How You Get Back On The Metal Detecting Horse

So, I had a really crappy hunt this past weekend.  Even though it sucks, these kinds of hunts can actually be beneficial.

There is a spot where I recently got 3 silvers.  I found it using some good old research.  I hadn’t, however, gone into the woods.  These woods are dense and filled with honeysuckle.  I knew it would be a bear to get in there, but I decided to rough it.

Now, I wish I would had video because there were some great telltale signs in those woods.  I moved quickly from a cleared area into the thick and I quickly got a nice tone in the lower 80s.  I thought to myself, “That’s a wheat penny.”  It’s nice to get in the habit of guessing your finds.  Anyway, I moved on and got a very sweet, high tone.  It was bouncing around 86ish.  I guessed a silver Rosie.  I dug the plug and out comes a very crusted mercury dime.  I couldn’t see the date because of the crust.  I cleaned it up later – 1944 no mint mark.

Man, it was super hard moving through those woods.  I was constantly snapping honeysuckle, getting caught on twigs, etc.  I had to bend over for most of it as the canopy was really low.  In other words – I had to really work for the finds.  I managed to pick up five wheat pennies along the way.  You know when you’re hitting those, silver is somewhere around.  Well, typically.

As I moved through the woods, I found some foundations and old stacked stone.  That’s always good to see.  I found the old farm fenceline and on the far side, I found the largest amount of coal I have ever seen.  It was amazing.  I also spotted some pottery on the top of the ground.  I hit that area hard, but to no avail.  By this time I was drenched beyond belief and headed out to dry off.  All in all, a fun hunt.

wheat pennies and silver mercury dime

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