More Site Recon Yields Sterling Silver Saint Christopher Pendant

Well, I had a few hours yesterday to do some site recon.  So, I found some more public spots that held secret sites.  I really have a problem with these kinds of sites.  Yes, I’m addicted.  There is something about finding treasures in plain view of where people walk all the time.

Anyway, I had four sites picked, but only had time for 2.  As an aside, this is something else people need to keep in mind.  When you plan your hunts, you want to line up multiple sites near to one another.  This helps you maximize your time.  If one site is not producing, you can quickly move to the next one.  You can also do this if you are knocking on doors.

The first site was very cool and I will probably return to it.  It was a treasure of a spot for its natural beauty.  I found lots of evidence of the previous sites that used to stand there.  There were plenty of woods that were begging to be hunted, but they weren’t in my sights today.  I stuck with the open grassy spots.  I hit all the areas that I had planned on from research.

What has become evident on numerous hunts is that I need a smaller coil.  These areas were so unbelievably junky as to be unhuntable with the larger coil.  So, I will be ordering that today.  Even with sensitivity turned way down and discrimination turned up, it was still impossible with a super slow coil sweep.  I didn’t get many coins from this spot, just a Lincoln from the 60s.  That was super surprising.  Yep, those woods are now calling my name.  Here’s a hint for public spots.  People hate getting down and dirty.  If you want the goods, go where people aren’t willing.  Bottom line.  I hunt steep hillsides, heavily wooded areas and I am rewarded for it.  Now, you have to research and hunt near spots that will produce.  But do the work and the goods follow.

In my research, I knew that a wealthy person once owned this property.  I also knew that a previous structure was on the land when they bought it.  That structure was very old.  So, I was super interested for the obvious reasons.  They also loved holding gatherings.  Duh, another tip off.  I found the sites very easily.  If you know what to look for, it’s pretty easy most of the time.  Most people walk right by these spots, never knowing what the earth is telling them.

I hit a signal in the mid 90s near a tree.  Boy, that sounds like a silver half.  I dug down and ran into a massive root system.  That was a real bummer.  I gave up on that for another time.  I will be back.  I moved over to a very hot area that had tons of iron and junk in it.  In that junk I heard and saw a signal bouncing in the upper 80s.  I dug the plug but was fooled on the position a little.  I brought out my new Garrett Pro Pointer and quickly found that it was on the front side of the hole.  That saved my hide.  I refocused my efforts on the front side of the hole and saw a silvery disk.  I was thinking, “that’s a very odd coin.”  I pulled out a pendant.  I have seriously found so many of these types of pendants and they have all been junk for me.  I had some odd striations on the back side and I dismissed this as junk as well and threw it in my bag.  Boy, was I excited when I pulled out my finds at the end of the hunt.  I could read “Sterling” plain as day on the back side of pendant.  Finally!

The second site only yielded clad and a very cool French liquor bottle.  Man, I had high hopes on this site as it yielded a pre 1930 farmhouse.  No dice as the site has been so thoroughly worked over.

All in all, a very fun hunt in new territory.  The other 2 sites will be very cool and equally interesting.  But those will have to wait.  I have some lake hunts planned this week and will hopefully have great news from them.

Marnier Lapostolle French Liquor Bottle Saint Christopher Sterling Silver Pendant


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  2. docbars says:

    Nice pendent. Looks like you may have some good sites picked out now.
    I use my 5″ coil on my F75 about 80% of the time, it’s a killer in trash and iron.

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