Scored Huge Canadian Silver

So yesterday I had a little time and decided to try a few new spots.  One of which was going to be a water hunt.  There were surprises at every turn – I tell ya!

So, the first site had a few ballfields and I found out that they hold carnivals there.  Man, it took me a while to even find this spot.  So, I headed out with the highest hopes.  You just have to believe.  I arrived at the site and got right to it.  I found that they had put a new playground over part of the ballfield.  How dare they?  Didn’t they know I was coming?

So, I zigged and I zagged.  All I got for my efforts was some change.  I wasn’t getting any deep signals.  So, what do we deduce?  We deduce that either the site has been absolutely pounded or it has been dramatically altered.  So, I hunted around the entire site.  Everywhere was the same story.  I didn’t find any mixing of the strata so I deduced that it was absolutely hammered.  I could be wrong though.  So, I moved onto my next site – freshwater.

I drove about 35 minutes further out to the next site.  I drove up and eyed the beach and was raring to go.  I opened the trunk and then it dawned on me.  In all my excitement I had forgotten to pack my sand scoop.  Holy cow!  I just sort of sat there dumbfounded.  And then I laughed really hard.  It was all I could do.  Oh well, onto a backup site that has given up silver.

I moved out of there and drove a while to a set of ballfields that has really produced for me.  But, as I drove into the parking lot, lots of baseball players came into view.  Man, you have to be kidding me!  Now I wasn’t laughing.  Gosh, I couldn’t win today.  So I moved onto another spot that has produced silver.

Well, I hammered this place.  I did turn up some quarters that were close on the year, but no luck.  Well, I figured my day was done, but decided to rehit the tot lot that I’ve done before.  I moved around the front and got a 94 reading that was bouncing to 99.  “Well, here comes a can,” I muttered to myself.  I dug the hole and saw something crazy shiny.  “What the heck?”  I thought it was a token or something.  But then I picked it up and noticed how heavy it was and saw the cool reeded edge.  And then I saw the reverse “One Dollar.”  “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.  You have got to be kidding me!”

Nope, it was not a joke, I had just dug my first silver dollar.  How the heck that ended up there, I have no idea.  That’s one pretty coin!

1953 Canadian Dollar Obverse 1953 Canadian Dollar Reverse

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