Still Working Some Public Silver Mines

Well, it’s been way way way too hot around here.  I hate this kind of summer heat.  It makes you get really creative though – so I guess that is good.  The only bad part is trying to get any kind of lunch hunt in.  Oh well.

It always amazes me how you can find stuff in areas that you thought you had combed over.  I literally found 2 of these coins in the first 5 minutes of rehunting this spot.  Again, this is a spot you would simply walk past if you didn’t know better.  Well, knowing better is something I specialize in.  You have to if you want to get the goods.

Anyway, I moved over to this area and started working this wood line.  I had found that most finds were coming in a certain area.  So I started there this time.  Again, until you work a spot enough, you wouldn’t know this.  It’s only after being thorough that you can hone in and really start nailing spots.  So, there I was was starting to move into the wood line.  I heard a nice high tone off to the side near this tree.  So, I moved over there and swung slower.  Yep, great tone, almost right under this little tree.  So, I start digging and sure enough, out comes another mercury dime.

So, I slow down and work this area and get a wheat penny signal with the right tone, vdi, and depth.  Yep, out comes a wheatie.  I move about a foot over and get another wheat tone.  Yep, another wheat.

After that, I didn’t get any signal until the end of hunt.  I found another wheat way back in the tree line.  It was a great, short hunt.

Mercury Dime with Three Wheat Pennies Mercury Dime In Dirt




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