Interesting Ohio Badge

I’ve been testing out my smaller coil on the AT Pro.  It’s been very fun to rehunt old sites and see the separation that it can produce.  One such site boasted a ton of iron on a few sides of an old home.  It was unhuntable with the stock coil.  So, off I went in search of goodies.

I have pulled some great stuff out of this yard.  I hunted the back side of the house.  I lowered the sensitivity and went very slow with the smaller coil.  Yes, it was still super infested, but I could actually hunt it this time.  To my surprise, there were no great targets in that area.  I think there has been a ton of dirt moving right there.

So, I move back around to the front and was totally shocked to find two more wheat pennies.  One of them, the 1918, was seriously like a inch in the ground.  The 1952D was deeper, but not too deep.  Both were clearly audible with the smaller coil.  They were also both next to big pieces of trash.

Then I moved to the back area where they used to have livestock.  Tons and tons of scrap metal in those areas.  I got a large signal that actually sounded good.  I was really expecting a large piece of copper.  It just had that sound.  To my surprise, out comes a very cool Ohio badge of some sort.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It has E Pluribus Unum and looks federal.  I have no idea what it could have been attached to.

Any guesses?

ohio emblem

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