Silver Washington Quarter and Checking Old Finds

I haven’t had much time at all to hunt lately.  Life has been way too busy.  But, I did steal out for a quick lunch hunt.  I went back to a park that has produced silver for me in the past.

This place is a cool park, but super trashy in spots.  I was using the stock coil this time to hit an area that I haven’t hunted a lot.  I am going to use the smaller coil in the trashy areas at a later date.

So, I’m moving into the target area and headed near a broken, rotted tree.  As I was rounding my turn, I heard a short, but high tone.  Yeah, that sounded like silver.  So, I stopped, rescanned and I see 89/90 on the TID.  Dig the hole and I see what I thought was clad.  Now I’m thinking, “Bummer, it’s a couple of clad quarters in the same hole.”  More than one coin will typically move the TID higher – and it can fool you!

I start looking for the date and see a 1964.  I was like, “No way.”  Yep, I look on the back and it looks awesome.  Big silver eagle.  Gotta love those moments.  The rest of the hunt was a bust.  Didn’t matter – I got some silver.

When I got home later that night, I threw the quarter in my holding area where finds are waiting to be categorized.  I looked at a religious pendant in there and it just looked too nice.  Silver doesn’t corrode, so you get to know the look.

I knew that I had searched for a mark on it when I found it, but I looked again.  This time I saw some tiny, tiny letters on one part.  So, I grabbed my loupe.  To my surprise, those letters were “STER.”  Yeah buddy, a sterling silver pendant.  You have to love that!

Silver Religious Pendant 1964 Silver Washington Quarter


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