Testing 5×8 Small Coil

Well, my small coil arrived yesterday and I was chomping at the bit to test it out.  I had a couple of locations in mind for the testing.

So, today I had a little bit of time to get out and test this tiny little thing.  Honestly, after using the 8.5×11 DD coil for so long, this thing looks like an absolute toy.  I knew I had to get a smaller coil after I have come across a few sites that have just absolutely thwarted me.  That’s because I couldn’t swing the big coil more than a quarter of an inch before it was blaring my ears off with a thousand mid and low tones.

So I headed to a spot that has really produced in the past.  Unfortunately there were a hundred people there, so I headed out.  Then I thought of another spot very close that would be good.  This spot has produced wheaties and an Indian head penny.  But there is an area near to where I found those that is super trashy.

So I started off in that area, nice and slow.  The first signal I got was very deep and hinting at mid 80s on the TID.  When I say hinting, it was between a ton of crap signals.  So, I decided to dig it to see how good this coil was.  I dug for what seemed like forever.  At the bottom of the hole was a very old buckle.  It’s round and reminds me of an old horse harness.  But I’ve never dug this type before.  I think because it’s older than the ones I typically dig.

So, I was pretty amazed.  Not that object was large, so the depth didn’t totally surprise me.  I move along and got a super nice penny signal that was about 6-8 inches deep.  It was sitting right in the middle of a nice circle of trash.  I dug the hole and pulled out a 1926 wheatie.  Now I was amazed.  I have been over and over this small area with the other coil and could never get enough of a good signal to dig that.  Simply amazing.  That signal was clear as day.  How fun is that?

I moved along and got a crazy signal.  It was jumping from the 30s up to 70s and all around.  It was very erratic, but again, it had enough of a signal to make me dig.  The first thing out of the ground was some foil.  Under that by about 3 inches a buffalo came out.  I think it’s a 1916.  Simply incredible results.  Oh, I also dug a good luck token and a child’s makeup case that says Prize Pink on the top.  I think it’s from the 1930s.

buffalo nickel


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