Always Nice to Find a Silver Bracelet

So, I am continuing my mid range/tone experimentation.  Honestly, when you are hunting for silver – it’s pretty easy to know what you have.  Those high tones are just super sweet.  Yes, they get a little more challenging when they are deep.  But mid tones are much tougher.  That space is crowded.

So, I am re-upping my efforts on different sports fields.  Today I revisited a spot that gave up a super nice, white gold ring last year.  I went super slow over this area and really tried to learn the different tones and readings.  I paid particular attention to very steady, repeatable tones/tid’s.  I dug like 5 nickels, which shows you I am really honing my skill.  I can now pretty much call nickels, like I can for pennies, dimes, quarters, and silver.

However, I got a tone that was a little wobbly in the upper 50s.  I was expecting maybe some trash or a nickel with something else.  To my complete surprise, I dug this child’s silver bracelet.  Well, well, now I know that bracelets ring up much much lower on the silver scale.  I also dug a ton of quarters.  I know that tone/reading and figure I should add to my coin totals.  Yes, I dug pulltabs and other trash.

What a great hobby this is!

silver bracelet

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