Silver Cross And Child Junk Ring

The title says it all.  I went back to a park that has been very good to me.  Small but old.  I finally got an opportunity to start on an outfield that I’ve been dying to rehit.

This outfield has produced silver, a large cent, wheat pennies, silver rings, etc.  So, I started to meticulously grid it out.  Outfields are huge, so it takes me a lot of visits.  Remember, speed kills finds.  Seriously, slooooow down.  This is not a race and going fast helps you miss targets.  I don’t like missing targets.

The only problem with this outfield is that someone decided to put a whole package of tin foil in it.  Gosh it is so annoying.  I dug so much foil.  But you have to pay to play.

I got a very nice penny signal and pulled out a canadian penny.  I didn’t bother looking at the date.  I had little time.  The next interesting target was in the gold range with a higher flutey sound.  Out comes a shotgun shell.  Looks to be a real, nice old one.  Again, I didn’t even check it.  In the bag it went.

As I was moving toward the fence in the outfield, I got a screaming 84ish signal.  I was a little confused b/se it was clad dime range but the tone was odd.  And it about blew my ears off.  So, I dig down and see what looks to be a silvery pin.  When I pulled it up, I see it is a cross with holes in it.  It’s very interesting.  Cool, I said, looking for a mark.  I still can’t find a mark, but will be taking a toothbrush to it later.

Well, I was almost out of time and tried to finish up on a good line, so I would know where I stopped for another hunt in the future.  As I was moving toward the infield, I got a nice, steady signal in the 70s.  If they are erratic, they tend to be aluminum bottle caps or some such.  This was steady and not chattery.  So, I decided to dig it and was happy to see this cool child’s ring.

Silver Cross Silver Cross and Child Junk Ring Junk Child Ring

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