Susan B Anthony meet Sacagawea

After failing miserably in my strategy to find silver on land and gold in water, I have rekindled my search for the mid tones.  Well, I should say I have done very well in searching for silver on land, but gold in the water has been a horrible failure.

The thing about it is that you have to try strategies out.  This is what it’s all about.  I had a strategy and I tested that strategy.  One part of the strategy has worked really well and the other part has bombed.  So, what now?  Well, now I tweak my strategy and I retest.  This is the way of the successful treasure hunter.

Here is an interesting caveat to strategy.  I know of a very successful ring hunter who hunts mostly soccer fields.  I can tell you from experience that this does not work well in my area.  Why?  Because soccer players are ingrained not to wear jewelry of any kind on the fields – for practice or games in my area.  I don’t think this is the case for where this guy lives.  It’s caveats like this that have to be tested and noticed.  What works for one hunter, in another area, just may not work for you – or it may!  So, if you find yourself getting discouraged by results that differ from another hunter’s techniques/strategies – they problem may not be you!  But since treasure hunting involves strategy, tactics, and techniques – you have to look at each to determine where the problem lies.  Yes, it’s difficult.  And this is exactly why most people don’t do it.

But, for those who persevere, there is some seriously amazing treasure to be had.  And adventure at that.

So, my gold strategy hasn’t panned out like I have hoped.  So, I have decided to re-approach a strategy that has worked.  I have been very successful with gold on sports fields.  This goes for ballfield outfields and large, open grass fields where people can play games.

Off I went to a giant schoolyard sports field that has housed countless sporting events.  I found innumerable clad there.  I started to hit an area where the little tikes play soccer.  I got a nice big, higher tone.  To my surprise, I pulled out a Sacagawea dollar coin.  My first dollar clad coin.  Funny enough, I found a dollar silver coin before a dollar clad coin.  Not ten minutes later, I found a Susan B Anthony clad dollar coin.  I wonder how rare getting the Susan B Anthony is?  I don’t see them get posted on forums much, if at all.

So, I got to learn the mid tones more and got paid to do it!

Sacagawea and Susan B Anthony Dollars

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