Went For Gold, Got Merc and War Nickel

So, I headed back to an old ballfield area where I know gold rings have turned up.  I know so because I talk to local detectorists.  I have found some neat stuff around this area as it used to have an old farmhouse nearby.

Well, I went back to this spot from previously detecting it.  The first time around this particular area I went fast.  I was just scouting it.  Today I slowed way down to try to find the yellow stuff.  As I moved around the perimeter I got an interesting signal with a higher tone to it that rang up in the 50s and 60s.  It was deeper than most of the other targets , so I dug it.  At the bottom of the hole, I spied a silvery nickel.  Now, if you have ever dug a nickel of any considerable age, you know it never ever looks silvery.  That is, unless it actually contains silver.  Yep, out came a very nice 1944 nickel with that big fat P on the back.  Man, I love war nickels.

Well, I was excited, thinking maybe I could score a gold ring while I was at it.  So, I hammered the ballfield area more.  Lots of pulltabs and odd metal.  I’m digging almost everything in the mid range to learn it more.  Just the price you have to pay to play in the gold game.  I move to far side of the ballfield and got a garbled higher tone.  It was deep and very odd.  So, of course, I dug it.  Usually, I will dig a little bit and rescan to see how the signal changes, if at all.  I dug a little and pulled out a little iron from the hole.  I rescanned and got a classic penny signal in the lower 80s.  So, I dug some more and to my complete surprise a 1942 mercury dime comes out.  It was on edge and accounts for the lower range it gave out.  Again, tone wins out.

I’m really starting to get the hang of the mid tones.  I don’t have gold to show for it in the last month, but I am learning my signal very very well.  I can almost always call out what I am digging before I dig it.  I have also learned that tone is super important in the mid range.  Yes, the target id number helps, but tone wins the day here.

mercury dime war nickel

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