1918 Mercury Dime, More Silver, and Others

Well, I continue to hammer out the mid tones.  Starting to sound like a broken record.  Just know I will be doing this at least through the end of the year.  Probably longer.

So, I recently hit up a local school that has seen tons of traffic over the years.  I decided to concentrate on the sidelines of the soccer fields.  Got a nice tone in the 50s, and dug up a nice silver earring.  Of course, it’s like a gram, but I will take it.

In the front field, I got a screaming signal in the 80s.  I was really expecting a pop can.  Out comes a non commissioned officers commemorative medallion.  Pretty neat find.

Lastly, I got another signal in the 50s on a sideline and dug the junk eagle necklace piece.

On another day, I went back to a ballfield that I have been painstakingly gridding.  This outfield is monstrous.  So, I was hitting the southern part of that where I have been skunked for silver.  I got a whispery signal down the third base line.  I would bounce on the numbers, but had enough good toning in there to make me dig.  Was happy when the 1918 mercury dime poppped out.  It may be an S mint make, but I need my jeweler’s loupe to figure that out.

Silver Earring

1918 Mercury Dime

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