Awesome Gruhler Saloon Cincinnati Token

Well, the title says it all.  I found out an area that has produced silver had been bush hogged.  This particular part of this site had super high grass and ridiculous overgrowth.  fun.

But all of that was gone now.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I had very little time, so I had to do crazy recon.  My first target was a penny signal that turned out to be a Lincoln penny.  My second signal was a deep one with silver tones to it.  Nope, turned out to be junk scrap.  I was surprised on how clear that junk sounded.  Oh well.  My last signal rang up between a Zincoln penny and an Indian.  It wasn’t very deep.  So, I dug it.

Out comes a coin that looks like a penny.  I cleaned it a little and could make out some odd text on one side.  Excited, I packed it up and went to wash it with water.  Once I washed it, I still didn’t know what I had.  I figured it may be a token of sorts or a strange button.  The front reminded me of older buttons I have seen.

Once I got home, I found some info and was super stoked to find a pic of a better condition token, just like mine.  How freakin’ cool, a Gruhler saloon token!  I have no idea on rarity, so if someone knows – I am all ears.

Gruhler Saloon Token Reverse Gruhler Saloon Token Obverse

You can find a better picture here:



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