Research Pays Off, Yet Again

So, I had run out of spots to hit – well, public spots at least.  So, it was time to go back at it and do some research.  Found some older ballfields today.  Very short hunt with nice results.

Ten Dollar Bill Space Jam and Silver Ring



So, got out of the car, hit a signal, dug it.  A  dime.  It was a little deeper and somewhat fluteish sounding.  So, had to dig it.  The ballfields were made in 1956, so there is an outside chance of some silver coins there.  But I was there mostly for the rings.

Second signal was a solid 86 signal.  Dug the plug and saw a ring at the bottom.  Edge on it looked to be aluminum type ring.  Picked it up, cleaned the middle, and saw the lovely word “Sterling.”  Happy dance.  Been a while since I got a silver ring.  So, I was happy.

Interesting place as some spots are so incredibly junky, while others are so clean.  You wonder if your machine is dying.  I have a lot more area to cover, so I’m pretty stoked about the place.

Last week, I hit some other parks and was also rewarded.  I got the Michael Jordan Space Jam token.  It rang up like a silver dollar.  I was dubious when I dug the plug, because of the lack of age of the park.  It’s nice to temper expectations with research.

I hit another park last week and was rewarded with a $10 bill sitting on the top of the ground.  Always bizarre to find that.  And, consequently, my second one of the year!

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  1. Tyson says:

    Thats awesome! Congrats on the $10! Better than clad! Great finds

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