Garrett Pro Pointer Review

I have to say, right off the bat, that you do not need a pin pointer.  Some people will say you can’t live without it, but that’s simply not true.  I did for a long time and got proficient without it.  Having said that, I love my Garrett Pro Pointer.  This post will explain why.

Garrett Pro Pointer

I brutalize this pinpointer.  I mean, this thing looks like a giant clod of mud and dirt.  I use it a lot now for a simple reason: time.  And this is especially true in two specific instances: when the item is stuck in the roots of the plug and when the coin looks a lot like the dirt that surrounds it.  In both cases, this thing will greatly increase the speed of your recovery.  And, honestly, time is your greatest asset.  You can never get it back.  So, for me, I like having it for this one reason.

Now, let’s talk about specifics.  What I love about this pin pointer is the feedback.  Yes, it will give you auditory cues, but it’s the shaking that is nice.  As you move closer to the item, the more it shakes and sounds off.  Both of those things is really nice.  I did have an issue with the power switch getting smashed to the side at first, but that’s because I was smashing it into the belt holder.  Oh, by the way it comes with a nice belt holder.  I love that thing.  The led flashlight is really nice in low light conditions too.

The main issue with this pinpointer is in trash.  A lot of trash will make for a difficult recovery because it sounds off on any metal.  This is where the sun probe really shines.  You can get actual metal info on it.  However, for this price, the Garrett Pro Pointer is really nice.

Now, it’s not waterproof, though I have seen people put silicone gel around it to make it waterproof.  Of course, this will void the warranty.

Feel free to throw me some questions if you have em!

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  1. Ralf says:

    I think the Pro Pointer is the best pinpointer on the market ! When you are well experienced you dont need a pinpointer any more but a pinpointer is great for the first years 🙂 HELLO from metal detecting Germany ! Ralph | metalldetektor

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