1840 Half Dime

Well, today’s hunt was awesome.  I only scored one older coin, but boy, was it a good one!  I went back to a public park that I have hit in the past.  The only other silver I have gotten out of there is a 1920’s mercury dime.  On the old aerials, I saw a farmhouse used to stand close to the park.  I think the park used to be a field in the back, if I remember right.  Well, today I grabbed some history out of that field.

I have also gotten a lot of 19430s-1940s wheat pennies in an area that used to be an old baseball diamond.  They were all right at the edge of the infield.  It was kind of strange.  I decided to go back with my 5×8 coil as I hadn’t tried that yet.  I honestly didnt expect anything as I have gridded this area to death with the larger coil!  Well, this just goes to show you that bigger is not always better.

I slowly made my way to the same area where I have found all the older coins.  On the way, the earliest I could grab was 1970s coins.  As I was heading toward what would have been the old farmhouse, I got a deep (around 8 inches) faint signal.  It rang up in the low 70s.  I didn’t hesitate to dig it because of the depth.  I thought I might get an Indian penny on edge – because of the low reading in the 70s.  Well, I cut the plug and turned it over.  The reading was in the hole, but the vdi was higher now – upper 70s.  “Yeah, Indian head penny on edge,” I thought.

Well, I dug down pretty deep when the signal was finally out of the hole.  I was surprised when my pinpointer had trouble finding it in the dirt.  I picked up what I thought was a child’s button.  I have found pewter buttons that were right around this size.  Tiny!  Well, I shook the object and was amazed to see reeding on the side of it.  When I turned it over, I knew it was a seated coin.  Honestly, my knees got weak.

I went over to the creek to clean it off.  Once I did I was amazed to see I had found an 1840 half dime in great shape.  Gosh, I was stoked.  Oldest silver coin.  First seated.  First half dime.

What a great find!

1840 half dime obverse

1840 half dime reverse

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