Garrett AT Pro 5×8 Coil Keeps Finding Stuff

So, I have been really trying to hone my skill with the 5×8 coil on the Garrett AT Pro.  So, I have been hunting and rehunting old spots that are trashy and challenging.  It keeps paying off!

Not many people have the patience, skill, or equipment to hunt in those super trashy areas.  Now, that can be a discouraging thing.  But, if you take the time to learn how to hunt these spots, you can gain an upper hand.  And that leads to finding more stuff.  The fun thing is that you don’t move much.

I took my lunch break to hunt a very small spot.  I’m talking 20×20 foot spot.  Yep, just moved really slow, overlapped my coil strokes, kept the coil on the ground during my entire movement, and listened like crazy.

There were many wrong signals and digs.  Basically, if something was a little deep and sounded off a signal that was 40 or above, I dug it.  Yes, there was lots of iron.  Yes, there were lots of trash signals.  But I persevered.  And I found two nice signals in an area I have gone over and over with my 8×11 coil.

The first good target was a very slight tone.  It would sometimes put up a tone ID number, and sometimes it wouldn’t.  I dug it and noticed that the ground in this spot was sandier than the surrounding area.  At about 6-8 inches, I pulled out a strange shaped object.  I cleaned it off and was super excited to see a 5 c symbol staring at me.  I turned it over and read the words “Riverview Cafe” on it.  I can’t find another token like it on the web.  Leave a comment if you know more about it.  But it’s a nice trade token in amazing shape.

My very next signal rang up faintly with a mix of iron grunt.  I dug down and rescanned.  Yep, the signal was still in the hole.  Woohoo – nice 82 signal.  I got it out of the plug and could see a green disc.  I was hoping it was an Indian head penny and wasn’t disappointed – 1901!  I have dug another 1890s Indian head out of this place.

I could go on and on about how to hunt with the 5×8 coil, but I will save that for another post.  Fun hunt.

1901-Indian-Head-in-Dirt 1901-Indian-Head-Penny Indian-and-Token Indian-and-Trade-Token

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