GM Pontiac Token, Buffalo Nickel, and Wheat Pennies

My buddy, Goldnugget, let me hunt with him at a very old location today.  Thanks Goldnugget!  Found some good stuff and he got his first coin.

We started at an old river stone building that was built in 1800.  That’s old for our area – especially one that is still standing.  Anyway, Goldnugget is just getting going on mding and recently bought an AT Gold.  I think he will probably be reviewing it at some point, once he is familiar with it.  I got a chance to see how it works.  It was pretty interesting.  The tones on it are very different from the AT Pro.

We got started in an area with an incredible amount of junk and iron.  We were both donning the 5×8 coils, so that helped.  But it was still slow going.  My first good target turned out to be a horse harness ring.  Then I got a rifle casing.  Then i picked up a 1919 wheat penny.  It was one of those garbled tones, higher tone mixed with iron.  In these kinds of places, I always dig those tones.  This is especially true if the object is deeper.  It would bounce between the 30s on the TDI and then jump to the upper 70s.

The next diggable tone was another garbled one.  This would also jumped to 70s, but was much more mixed.  Again, because of the location and the depth of the target (anything more than 4 inches, i would dig – just fyi), I decided to dig.  Out came a really cool 1920s-1930s GM Pontiac token.  I love this thing.  Now we were rolling.

Goldnugget was busy learning his machine, learning diggable signals, and how to cut plugs.  All of this takes a while, if you are just getting started.  It took me a long time before I got anything remotely good.  Noobies have to understand that.  Without someone to guide you, it is a massive trial of persistence and trial and error.  I wanted to give up many times.  I’m really glad I didn’t.

Next we moved across the street to a possible old structure location.  I found it doing some research.  About 2 minutes into it, I found another wheatie.  Then Goldnugget got a signal.  I scanned it too and it was an ugly one.  Of course, it was between two big roots.  He stuck with it and got his first coin ever – a 1942 wheatie!!  That was waaaaaay better than my first coin.  I think that was a mauled modern crap penny.  We went in different directions after that to find some more stuff.  I ended up digging a really nice 1924 buffalo nickel after that.

After that, we headed down a very old stagecoach road to a cellar hole.  Yes, this spot is really nice.  We didn’t get anything good there.  So much iron in that spot.

So, we walked back to the cars.  Goldnugget had to head out and I stayed and wanted to dig behind this old structure.  I think i got like 4-5 wheaties back there.  One of which was a 1914.  Darn, I wish it would have been a 1914D!  Oh well, still nice to find older coins.

The only thing missing from that hunt was a silver coin.  But I’ll take it.  I’m looking forward to seeing Goldnugget excel in his hunting ability.  Heck, that’s a great start if you ask me!


Here are pics of the 1924 Buffalo Nickel, as it is the best condition one I have dug:

1924-Buffalo-Nickel-Obverse 1924-Buffalo-Nickel-Reverse

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