NEL Big Coil Field Test #2

So, on my previous hunt, I went to a school that had previously skunked me.  I had hunted this school numerous times, and was impressed to get some good finds.  On today’s hunt, I went back to a different school that had also skunked me previously.  It’s one of those spots where you just know there is stuff there.  All my previous hunts had ended in frustration, without any older finds.  That all changed this morning.

So, before I start, I just want to say that Doc, the maker of the Swingy Thingy has great customer support.  I had an issue with it and he really took care of me.  I would highly recommend dealing with him.  You can find him on ebay.  Okay, now onto the hunt.

This is a neat site as they kept building newer schools.  The oldest is pretty old – and pounded.  There is, however, a spot in the very back that I had hit previously.  It just spoke to me.  If you learn to read sites well, you know what I mean.  In the past I could never get anything old out of that area.  It was really surprising to me.

Today, I slowly meandered back there.  I wasn’t really getting anything, until I hit that spot.  I immediately got a nice, clear signal.  “No way,” I said under my breath.  Yep, a wheat penny.  I just started laughing honestly.  I had gridded this area really well with the large, stock coil.  Now I got super clear penny signal and it was a wheat.  In about 15 minutes I had another one.  Just ridiculous.  In about another 15 minutes, yet another.  I then moved closer to the newest structure, near the sidewalk.  I got this really crappy signal.  But it was bouncing higher.  I dug down and pulled out some foil.  “That’s a bummer,” I said.  I rescanned the hole and still had the higher tone.  I dug down and there was another piece of foil.  “Stink,” I said.  Rescanned the hole, yep, the higher tone was still there and crisper now.  I dug down and to my total amazement, there was what I thought was a silver coin.  I really couldn’t believe it.  I went home and cleaned it off and it’s a ’41 merc with crud on it.


Any hesitations I had with this coil have been erased.  I have now hit 3 spots where I could not get targets previously.  All 3 of them have produced older coins.  My mind is now racing on all the spots I have hit in the past.  I will need to slowly go back over them.

This is really fun.


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