NEL Coil AT Pro 1825 Large Cent

So, as I have stated previously, I recently purchased the NEL Big coil for the AT Pro.  My justification was that I was going to be hitting large, open fields this year in search of gold.  But I also wanted something that would allow me to get deeper targets that I, and others, have missed.

I have been rehitting some spots that have absolutely skunked me in the past.  I wrote previously on my NEL Big field tests that showed much promise.  I have found silver and wheats at spots I knew contained them.  The cool thing about that is that it reinforced my skill at reading locations.  I have now found coins in the exact spots I figured there were coins.  The ability to go beyond maps and research and be skillful at reading the actual location is something that is a must.  This will lead you to make many discoveries that elude other detectorists.

I revisited one such spot last night.  I was initially going to do a field that I thought might contain gold, but kids were practicing sports there.  So I moved to hitting another field.  I didn’t do very well there, but the dirt has been moved greatly at this spot.  So, I moved to a hilly area.  This spot has intrigued me because the old maps showed a small pond.  There is a slight remnant of that pond there, but debris has nearly filled it in over the years.

I was moving around this spot that has a strange indentation.  I found an older belt buckle that had become concretized.  No cleaning that thing up.  And it didn’t look super old.  But what I noticed when digging was parts of older brick and coal.  That peaked my interest.  I moved around that area and noticed that the soil was very different in an area.  I figured the soil hadn’t been moved in this particular location.  As I moved up the hill, I got what I thought was a deep silver tone.  I started digging and rescanned.  Yep, nice tone but wow, deep.  I dug some more and it was still in the hole.  At this point I started pinpointing.  It was deeper still.  At this point I started thinking it was a large piece of junk, since the pinpointer was hitting it and it was still deeper.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when a large cent popped out of the hole.  I was hoping for a very early LC, but that’s pretty difficult to get in my area.  I picked it up and started trying to get features and/or a date.  After a bit, I saw a very discernible 1825. I was shocked.  This well predates the structures that used to be at this location.  In fact, on maps from 1875, there was nothing in this particular area.

Btw, the Lesche was actually just sticking out of the hole – the pic below is a little deceiving, as I didn’t put the camera at ground level.

coin find depth 1825 large cent 2 1825 large cent

Obviously, this verifies what I thought about this coil. I have been over this exact area numerous times with the 8.5×11 DD coil.  It just couldn’t read it at that depth.  I now have the pleasure of revisiting all my old sites to go get more goodies.  What a fun hobby!


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2 Comments to “NEL Coil AT Pro 1825 Large Cent”

  1. Dale says:

    wow glad to hear your review. I hear two different stories… Thanks for your input I was looking at the tornado I feel Im passing over good c.w. relics ?? glad you are happy nothing said about the extra weight? Any cons about the big nel

    • mdfanatic says:

      hey dale. yeah, i really like it. it is much heavier. you will need some sort of harness. i put that in the first field test post. i got the swingy thingy off of ebay. doc is a great guy and will take care of you. i’ve also seen people using the jacket harness thing. i haven’t used it.

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