Another Good Day with the NEL Big Coil


silver quarter

This past weekend, I decided to head out to a new location that is somewhat old.  I’m sure it’s been hunted as it is on a prominent road.  In any case, I wanted to get out into the awesome spring weather and let the NEL Big breathe a little.

When I first got to the location, I just started out hitting different areas, trying to get a good feel for the site.  I wasn’t getting much in a big field, so I changed my tactics a little and moved to the edges.

My first decent signal was a really sweet, high tone.  Out pops a 1917 merc.  I wasn’t expecting that kind of age, so I got a little more excited.  Not a minute after that, a nice older gentlemen pulled up in a car.  We got to chatting.  He was a newer detectorist and also has the AT Pro.  Said he has hunted this place before and didn’t get much out of it.  Minutes after he left, I got a choppy, deeper signal.  I decided to dig it because of the depth and it also produced a higher tone in there.  Out pops a 1936 Washington quarter.  This really goes to show you that there is skill involved in detecting.  Learn your machine, learn how to read sites, and learn to lean on your intuition.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had an intuitive thought about how to hunt a spot or where to focus – and it has panned out.  Trust your instincts.  Also, dig those choppy tones, if they can hint at better stuff.  Btw, the quarter was resting on iron.  Let me post a pic of the rust spot.

rusted silver quarter

I ended the day hunting another corner.  This area produced all the wheaties.  All in all, a great short hunt.  I couldn’t get to some areas because people were hanging out.  That’s okay, I’ll hunt them another time.  I also think I’ll break out the 5×8 coil.  That’s a killer in trash.

happy metal detecting!  Oh, and feel free to ask me questions if you have them.  Or post your own tips – there is always more to learn.

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