Silver War Nickel, Wheaties, Shotgun Shells, and More

The last two hunts have been very fun.  I am slowly building my coin and silver counts.  And along the way I am getting some surprises.

I continue rehunting areas I have pounded with the standard 8.5×11 coil.  Now I’m getting more depth and coverage with the NEL Big coil.  It’s giant.  In fact, I call it El Gigante.

I had some more firsts.  These were two hunts.  Both weren’t very long.  On the first hunt things were going really slow until I hit an area I didn’t hunt much before.  I have hunted it, but with no results.  My first target was a wheatie.  It just amazes me how this big coil just sucks up coins that I missed.  My next target was almost definitely silver, based on the signal.  I dug down and couldn’t believe my eyes to see a layer of asphalt.  Luckily for me, it was old enough that I could bang on it with the digger and force it into chunks.  Took awhile.  But wouldn’t you know it.  Underneath sat a 1917   (I think it’s a D) mercury dime.  Darn, missed it by a year!  But I have never extracted a coin like that before.  Further up the path, I got what I thought was a penny signal next to the path.  Turned out to be a 1988 Canadian dollar coin.  I have never found one of those before.  Oddly enough, in the past, I found a silver Canadian dollar coin!  As I headed over to another spot, I got a deep nice tone that was faint.  I dug it and this cool little button came out.  The clasp on the back is broken off and no markings.  The last target was an old winchester shotgun shell.  Another fun hunt.


Today I got out for a super short lunch hunt.  I was dodging rain.  I nabbed a 1945 wheatie almost off the bat.  I was excited.  I was hunting an area of another spot that I haven’t pounded.  But I have hunted it enough.  My next good signal was deep but choppy.  It kept bouncing between high 50s and 70s.  I dug it and was totally disappointed to find the slice of aluminum.  I swung over the hole again and got a super nice signal.  I dug more and out comes a 1943 P war nickel under the aluminum.  Unreal.

1943-P-war-nickel dirty-war-nickel

My last signal was also really nice and more shallow.  Turned out to be this junker ring.  That’s the second one of this exact type that I have found.  They’ll get your heart racing until you remember the high numbers on your screen!

Happy hunting.

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