Dateless SLQ

Unfortunately, life has been busy for me lately.  I have sports in the fall and spring and it makes it hard to get out when winters are super cold and summer are super hot and dry.  Funny enough, this summer has been cool and wet, but I hadn’t had time to hunt until recently.

I went back to a house that has been very good to me.  The lady that owns the home is super nice and accommodating.  I noticed that the lot next to hers had been cleared of honeysuckle.  It is super trashy and used to contain a bunch of house, but I think fill was brought in.  I headed over to that spot, but it is still trashy and contains mostly modern trash.  Now I’m waiting for them to take more off the top.

So, since that was a no go, I took the 5×8 coil on a stroll through the front yard, near the road.  Most people seems averse to detecting near roads.  They can certainly be trashy, but they can also be well worth it.  I had done this area with the large, stock coil and had been mostly skunked, save an old button.  As I as heading toward a telephone pole, I got a nice high tone.  I dug down, only to pull out scrap aluminum.  Fooled me.  Not 3 feet over and I got another high tone, mixed with iron grunts.  It had enough of that special sound to make me dig.  Man, I was glad I did.  I looked down and saw a rusty, silvery thing that appeared to be a screw top lid.  I looked at it again and thought maybe it was an old, aluminum token.  I reached down, pulled it out of the plug, and instantly saw the legs of the standing liberty on the front.  I went giddy.  I have been dying to get one of these coins, but for some reason, they have constantly eluded me.  No longer!

I also dug a cool 1920 makeup compact.  Those are neat.  The 5×8 AT Pro coil is really awesome if you learn to use it.  Notice the iron stains on the SLQ!  There was a big, old nail on it.

Standing Liberty Quarter IMG_0600



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