First Silver Watch Back

There is a park that is a go-to for me.  It has produced a lot of coins.  I have had to be patient hunting areas, but it has been well worth it.  I have hunted with the NEL Big there, the stock large coil, and am now working it over with the 5×8.  As you can see, no place really is hunted out.  I can’t wait to upgrade my machine in the future and get more out of it.

I especially like trashy areas of parks.  That’s because treasure hides there.  And, honestly, most detectorists are lazy and don’t want to work for the goods.  If you want to find awesome stuff in parks, I would recommend you do one or all of the following:

  • Don’t hunt where everyone else does – be a detective and look for hillsides and out of the way places where people used to walk or sit.  Overgrown areas are tremendous treasure mines.  I once found a hillside where people would sit for concerts.  It had recently been cleared and I went in and cleaned up.  yes, there was plenty of trash.  Yes, it was hard.  But man o man, was it fun finding all those goodies!  Look for historical photos of the park.  And donate a beer my way when that tip works for you!
  • Research where things used to reside, NOT where they reside today – this is a simple tip, but does it produce.  Look at old maps/aerials.  Go where old stuff is, not where new stuff is.  Seems easy, but you would be shocked how many times this rule is violated!
  • Hunt the trashy areas with a small coil – again, most detectorists want a flat, grassy area that will hand them treasure.  You know better!  You will be utterly amazed if you start hunting with a smaller coil in trashy places.  Just look at the finds I have had with the 5×8 coil.  So many things that are under or right next to iron.

Let me know if those helpful!

Now, back to today’s, quick lunch hunt.  I was hunting a small area that used to be a walkway.  In fact, you can still see some of the tarmac sticking out of the ground.  In other areas, it is under about 3 inches of dirt.  The great thing is that you can break up the old tarmac with the Lesche digger.  I found a mercury dime doing this.  So, I went back to this spot.  I worked my way back to an old ballfield backstop.  I have found some wheaties behind this before with the larger coil.  So, I worked around, trying different patterns.

Tip: make sure you grid in different directions, or simply swing in different directions b/se it will uncover more goodies.

Well, I had an odd signal mixed with a low 80s tone.  I dig it and on the bottom of the plug was foil.  And sitting in the hole was a wheatie.  I kid you not.  5×8 coil strikes again!  I moved over about 3 feet and bam – a high signal.  I saw a thin edge.  My heart started to pound and said quietly, “Please be Spanish.”  I moved the dirt at the edge a little and saw a hatched pattern.  So now I’m thinking, “cool, maybe this is a love token.”  I pulled it out and the back clod of dirt fell out and i saw that it was a watch back.  How cool!  I’m pretty sure it’s silver, but will confirm that when I get home.

On my way back to the car, I got another nice silver tone with iron grunting.  I cut the plug and was shocked to see the Washington quarter sitting below.  On the side was a lava rock with iron embedded.  You can see the iron staining on the quarter.  I’m telling you – get a small coil for those trashy areas and turn a roadblock into an advantage.

Remember, you are not only competing against time, the terrain, and trash – you are competing against other detectorists.  Never forget that.

Metal Detecting Silver Silver Washington Quarter

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