I Got an XP Deus

Well, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new detector.  I went with a slightly used XP Deus with the nicer headphones (WS5), and the 11 inch coil.  I wanted to give my first impressions, but I intend on giving a full review soon.

This is insanely light.  It’s the first thing you notice when you pick it up.  It is also wireless.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy not having to deal with wires anymore.  It is a joy to use.

I went out to some old hunting grounds and did okay the first few times out.  I dug everything and ran in Power mode.  I started to get a sense for the readings, setting and sounds.  I reached out to folks on the forums and started to get hints.  Everyone told me to buy and read Andy Sabisch’s book.  I bought it and am working through it.  Upon doing so, I got an idea on how to setup the Deus to get super deep readings.

My thought was to go back to a park that has produced great stuff for me.  However, there are some parts of the park that just seemed devoid of a lot of signals.  I was curious whether fill dirt had been brought in or the coins sank more in this area.  So, I got my Deus setup and it did well.  I started getting very deep signals.  The shotgun shells had my entire Lesche digger in the hole.  I almost gave up on the first one b/se it was so deep.  In the past, most of the my finds at this park weren’t older than about 1940.  These were all older than 1930.  The wheats and the shotgun shells.  And I think I also got my first lead seal.

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