XP Deus Continues to Amaze

Alright, I’ll get right to it. The Deus is an amazing machine. The more I learn and the more I use it, the more I know I made the right decision. Again, I will post a full review once I have more time under my belt. But obvioulsy, I like it.

Last couple of hunts I went back to spots I had gone over with the AT Pro. I went back to a spot that would afford me the opportunity to test the Deus for depth, for trash, and for mixed signals. I headed off to a spot that was close to an old house that is no longer there. It was on the historic maps. In the past I have found an 1840s large cent and a few other oldies. It is hard to get older coins in this area. The end result was a handful of wheaties, a 1941 nickel and a 1941D mercury dime. The wheats were very deep. I also got the copper wire thing. I thought it may be a copper pipe, with how it sounded and presented (long). I was running a very open, deep program.

I then moved to a trashier area. I got the matchbox ambulance (1965-1969) early, it was a weird signal. I pulled numerous nails out of the hole with it. I was picking coins out among the trash, which was fun.

Then today, I went back to yet another place I have hunted a lot. Quickly got a higher tone signal that had some mixed lower tones. I pulled out the ornate flower broach. I think it’s silver and will get it tested.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the child’s button with the intact shank. That is definitely mid 1800s. Rang up like deep silver.

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