XP Deus Continues to Prove Itself on Pounded Ground

So, I hit another place that I have absolutely pounded.  I had literally been there 3 minutes.  The first good signal I got was a deeper signal that sounded odd, but had a good tone to it.  I dug down and hit a big rock.  Dug down some more and got a 1954 rosie.  Unreal.  That got me flying high.

I moved off to a large field – toward a ball diamond.  I got a few decent signals there, but decided to move over to the hillside.  I imagined couples laying on them, enjoying the sun.  The first decent signal I got gave off a high tone mixed with a little iron grunting.  Dug out what is either a barrette, tie clip, or money clip.  It looks old – I will seek the guidance of other treasure hunters.

I was walking out of a long field that I have detected numerous times.  I got an amazing signal.  I thought, “Wow, that sounds like a copper makeup case.”  It was a very nice signal.  I dug down.  Nope, not there.  I pinpointed in the hole, but didn’t hear anything.  So I dug out a bunch more dirt.  Again, I tried to pinpoint in the hole.  Unbelievably, still no signal.  Dug out yet more dirt and finally I got a signal out of the hole.  I was amazed to see the reeded edged of silver.  A 1920 S mercury dime.

I have walked over this area so many times, I was just amazed to hear such a clear signal.  I’m moving on to older ground now, the XP Deus has proven itself in trials.  And I have learned enough to get the deep, old stuff!


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