Found the Old School in the Woods

So I found an older map that has shown a few areas of promise that I didn’t know about.  Again, it’s all about the research.  One of the areas had “Sch” on it.  I presumed that “Sch” stood for school and research played that out.  The placement was odd, as it is a wooded area and I didn’t understand why it would be there.  Not a ton around there.  A school was placed near the location later, and I have hunted there before.  Not much going in the past – but I need to rehunt with the Deus.

So, I went around where I thought the school may be and found a button that I knew was period, 1820s-1840s.  But I couldn’t find anything else definitive.  So I moved around a bunch to different hillsides.  I was having no luck, but went back to the original location.  Then I started hitting the buttons.  Then I started seeing bits of brick.  I got excited.  I had to scoot, but I will be back.  The spot is very stingy, so I’m wondering if it wasn’t used long.  Time will tell.  Would love to get a super old coin from that location.


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