Hitting Old Sites Gives Me a First

I’m not gonna lie, I am impressed with the XP Deus.  I went to a site that I have pounded and not had much luck at.  I previously got a WWII collar pin at this spot, but that was about it.  It was frustrating, because I thought I had nailed down the location of a former house.

So, I went back there with the Deus and hit a nice tone going down one side of a lawn.  Out pops a nice, old civilian button with the shank intact.  Still has some gilt on the back – and I should be able to read the letters to pin down age!

Nothing much happening in the rest of that line.  So, I turned around and headed back.  Got a really nice, deep signal.  Out comes my first shield nickel!  I was very excited.

Turned around again and got a wheat penny.  The shield nickel is 1866, the first year of issue.  There are actually some valuable varieties in that series, but dug ones are pretty useless.  The buttons is from 1820-1840.  And the wheat was 1958.  So, a good spread.

Pretty amazing detector.


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  1. I had a similar experience with Civil War hunting. I recently went back to a site that I hit very hard and many years ago. I still walked out with some bullets. I couldn’t believe it. I did upgrade my machine over the time and I’m not using the Whites V3i which may be one of the reasons I was still able to find something after all of these years.

    Great post!

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