Metal Detecting Research Continues to Pay Off

As I have stated many times, I love finding things in public places.  When you can find a virgin site in a public place – that’s something special!  I recently found a virgin site on public park lands.  It took a lot of research and hunting to find this spot.  Between me and a buddy, we have found over 50 wheat pennies and 7 silvers so far.  We have yet to find a large silver, but I think that’s a matter of time.  The great thing about this site is there was a very old home on it at some point.  We have yet to find that site.  Or it may be covered over with fill, etc.  However, this site also contained an old ball diamond in the 1950s.  What’s weird is that we haven’t found a single coin the area that used to house that ball diamond.  So, maybe filled over?  There are some spots that are just insane to hunt in.  The trash is just crazy.

As we scouted out the spot, we had a hard time finding anything.  I went all over.  Then my buddy said he found a few things in the back.  A clad quarter and some pennies.  I asked him if the pennies were older.  He didn’t know, as his eyes are not the best.  I took a look and was happy to see they were wheat pennies.  We almost left the site that day, thinking it was a dud.  However, I insisted we go back to that area.  We were well compensated for that decision.  Since then, I have gone back 2 more times.  The second time I got 2 silvers and 13 wheats.  You can look back at the previous two posts to find out.

Yesterday I headed straight back to the hot area.  There are areas where you literally can’t move an inch without multiple signals hitting.  Bottle caps, can lids, pull tabs – you name it, it’s there.  I have to say that the XP Deus has been absolutely killer in this spot.  My buddy has an AT Pro, which I used to have – and he was stymied in some areas.  In those areas, the Deus really shined.  He was kind of miffed that I could just switch modes and hunt along in those areas, pulling out coin after coin.  I will be doing an XP Deus review soon, as I have gotten pretty good at various hunting situations.

Anyway, I hunted along and was just killing the wheats on this hunt.  I ended up with 18 – a new daily record for me.  I moved to another area and got a crazy big hit, but mixed in some smaller hitting, higher tones.  One was hitting 96-97.  I first pulled out a long, aluminum bar.  That made my heart sink.  However, I rescanned my hole – are you remembering to rescan your holes???  And lookie here, I get a nice higher tone.  Out comes a 1948 silver Washington.  My first silver quarter for the year.  There was another signal in the hole.  Another wheat penny.

Now, getting so many wheats in one place is kind of pedestrian at this point.  I mean, it’s exciting getting targets.  And I have really enjoyed learning my machine better.  But my heart yearns for the old stuff.  There is nothing like digging out older items.  I love that.  Maybe we will find the old homesite yet.  All I know is that there are many more coins in this spot.  And research is so important to this hobby.



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