XP Deus Rocks a New Site

I am quickly becoming a real fan of the XP Deus.  Case in point.  I found a new site.  As I have stated previously, I love finding spots that are on public lands.  There is something about finding treasure right under people’s feet that I love.  Anyway, I found an old (for this area) site on a map that also held promise for new relics (but old enough to be silver).

I was perusing a mid 1800s map that I recently found.  Lo and behold, it contained some older homesites that I didn’t know about.  One of them showed particular promise.  I was a little worried, as it was near a creek and I think the ground had been disturbed.  But I also found that a ball diamond existed there until the 1950s.  So, it had potential to be very old, have newer items of interest, but was gone before detectors came in use. Sounded perfect!

So, I texted a buddy of mine and we decided to hit it over the weekend.  The first thing we noticed was that dirt had been dumped on the front of the area.  That made my heart sink.  But, I wasn’t totally sure on the exact site of the older home.  So off we went.  I was hunting in a deep, hot program I use.  I wasn’t turning anything up, so I decided to head up a hill, thinking maybe the older map didn’t scale well.  Nothing up there either.  Disheartened, I went back down toward the creek toward my buddy.

He said he found some pennies in the back and a clad quarter.  I asked to see the pennies, just in case.  His eyes are bad.  To my surprise, they were wheat pennies.  So we headed toward the back again.  Boy, was it trashy back there!  That actually raised my hopes, as I started finding older pulltabs.  So, I switched the XP Deus over to trash program that I made.  I immediately started finding wheat pennies.  Then my buddy yells out that he got a silver Washington.  We were having fun, but didn’t have much time left.  My buddy was using the AT Pro and commented on how hard it was to hunt in the area I was.  I told him about the XP Deus and how I changed the program to match the condition.  He tried some things on his and that helped a little.  I am getting to the point where I am digging coins among a lot of trash.  It’s pretty incredible to pull up 4 trash items in the same hole as a coin.  I still need to work on my iron field settings.  But that will come.

I was killing the wheats and finally got a silver rosie.  We left – but I vowed to get back in there before some flooding rains came this week.

I only had a lunch break to hunt it before the rains.  So, I went straight to the back of the site.  Again, wheats galore, with some modern clad mixed in.  Lots and lots of trash.  Looks to be a drinking spot too.  I ended up with 13 wheats, a mercury dime (1928-s), and another silver rosie.

We still haven’t found the old homesite.  But I know there are a lot more treasure in this spot.

There is no substitute like good research!

Here is the first day’s total haul:

And here is the second hunt’s bounty, first with dirt, then cleaned:

IMG_1229 IMG_1231

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