XP Deus Kills in Trash Again – 1877 S Seated Quarter

So I have been touting the awesome ability of the XP Deus in the iron and trash.  Today I went to a newer school and was pretty much skunked.  The ground was like concrete and the signals were deep clad.  I think they made several additions and moved dirt.  On the way home, I debated stopping by a place a buddy owns.  It has a ton of iron in this yard.  I have pounded this placed with 3 previous detectors with not much to show for it.

My third signal there was a sweet high tone mixed in with a lot of iron.  I dug down and was stupified to see a silver quarter.  I honestly thought it was a Washington.  I picked it up and was blow away to find I had found my first Seated quarter (1877 S) !  I have found a seated half dime before and that is my oldest silver.  Still, I was shocked that my other detectors couldn’t pick this up.  It was about four inches down.  Unfortunately, an angled, flat rock guided my digger into the back of this coin.  I’m still getting over that!!

Later on I found a suspender buckle and a neat silver ring.

IMG_1293 IMG_1294 IMG_1296

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