Learning to Hunt for Gold on the Deus

So, I decided it was time to start learning how to find gold on the Deus.  I know there are lots of strategies for this.  However, I wanted to concentrate today’s hunt on using zero discrimination with full tones.  I wanted to see if I could glean as much information hunting the mid range, as I could the high, ie silver.  So, off I went to a somewhat old ball diamond.

I have found a super deep mercury dime here in the past, on the edges.  I think the dirt has been moved.  So, I put the sensitivity up pretty high, to capture deep mid tones.  As I went, I easily noticed big pieces of “can slaw,” or aluminum cans that have been cut up by the mowers.  I also noticed the iron.  This area has a nice assortment.  An old home used to be close by.  In fact, in the lower field I have found a large cent in the past.

I really started honing in the mid tones, as you can see by the pic.  There were a fair number of nickles.  I got fooled by some foil lids, small pieces of aluminum, etc.  Not too much though.  Much better than other detectors I have done in the past.  I also got a jumpy signal that turned out to be the nike ring.  I’m assuming it’s copper.

All in all, a good result.  I’ll keep learning hunt for gold.  You have to keep learning and practicing in this hobby.


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