Metal Detecting an Old Schoolhouse

So I have trying to get permission at this old schoolhouse for a while now.  As luck would have it, their daughter played on my a sports team I coached.  That finally led to an okay on the permission.  As soon as I started hunting, it was obvious a lot of dirt had been moved.  All I was finding was modern stuff in the back.  Lots of iron in different layers.

I decided to move to the side and was still getting modern.  I moved to the front and got a high tone that was fairly shallow.  I was kind of shocked when  1943 Quarter popped out.  After that, things really dried up.  I got a wheat penny among trash.  I decided to hunt near the road next.

I’m glad I did because I got a deep higher tone.  I had the thought that there may be a deep pop can down there.  Nope, dug a deep plug and a largie popped out.  I was happy to see an 1865.  That predates the schoolhouse.

IMG_1309 IMG_1310 IMG_1311 IMG_1312


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