Silver, Gold, Copper Father’s Day Hunts

My gracious wife fully endorsed these hunts.  She knows I get a lot of happiness from the hobby.  My plan was to get up early and try to get gold at an old school sports field.  So, at first’s light I headed out.  Upon arriving, I discovered that the field was gone and they were doing construction for another school building.  Bummer.

But I had a backup.  I usually have 2 because these things happen.  So I headed out to another old sports field.  I have been skunked a couple of times in the past at this one.  Within the first five minutes, I got a silver.  I thought, “that’s a nice way to start.”

I was digging a lot of targets and getting fooled by some of the small can slaw.  Dug the typical pull tabs, etc.  I found two more silver dimes on one side of the field.  I also got an odd jumpy signal bouncing to the 70s.  At times it really sounded like a nickel.  And I had found some nickels in the field.  I dug the plug and was astonished to see what I thought was some teeth.  I brushed it off that it was base metal.  But when I got home I noticed absolutely no corrosion.  And these were deep.  It also did not stick to a magnet.  So, I’m pretty sure I found some gold teeth, though I need to verify it with testing.

I was crushed after this hunt, so I took a break in the afternoon.  I decided to hit an old schoolhouse in the area in the evening.  I started behind the schoolhouse and was shocked to pull out my first 2 cent piece, 1865.  What a way to cap off an amazing day!

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