XP Deus Continues To Do Well

I have been retracing my steps in different sites.  Some are very difficult and others are hard.  These photos are from the last 3 hunts.  I found a bit of wheaties, a silver rosie, some play money, and an indian head penny.  I found the Indian head penny at a location that is very stingy.  I have only found one other 1800s coin – a barber dime.  I literally said to myself right before I found it, “I hope I find an indian heady penny, I haven’t found one in a while.”  Lol.

The other coins were found at a spot that I have found a ton of wheaties at.  The Deus just really rocks in these kinds of sites.

img_1468 img_1470 img_1472

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One Comment to “XP Deus Continues To Do Well”

  1. angleofattack says:

    This machine makes everything look different just like new glasses makes your eyes better now I’ll have to go back and look at everything again. At least we have a fighting chance in those worked out parks.

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