XP Deus Sifting in the Trash

Soccer has finally ended, and now it’s time for me to get back into the hobby I so love.  I got out Saturday to a small, hidden park in an old spot.  Unfortunately, they had added a layer of soil on top and all good finds were out of reach.  Just ended up with clad.

At lunch today, I headed out to a spot in the woods that is hard to access during summer.  I have found probably 40-50 wheats in this spot and 3 silver.  I went back to the same general area, armed with a good trash program for the Deus.  It wasn’t long before I started hitting wheat pennies amidst the trash.  I got a pretty nice higher tone right in the middle of a bunch of trash.  Real small area of high.  I dug down and pulled out a St. Christopher necklace piece that is sterling.  I just love finding silver.  It never gets old.

Time was slipping away fast, so I started heading back through the woods.  I got another nice tone and pulled out a 1943 mercury dime.  I was stoked.  I had been over this area in the past.  The new program was working well!  I kept going and got yet another higher tone amidst trash.  Out comes a 1947 silver Rosie.  I ended up with 6 wheats and 3 silvers.  I will take that anyday!

I’ll be heading back to that spot to clean more out soon.



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