XP Deus Trash Program Killing It

So, I went to a super trashy and difficult spot today.  It was my third choice, but I figured time to master this stuff.  I started in areas where they had removed honeysuckle.  It is a public park location.  I got a modern penny and an unusual button, which I am trying to get identified.  I also got a rocking 87ish hit in a super trashy area.  I pulled the plug and low and behold, a silver turtle ring.  That was a nice surprise.  Amazing since I have hit this area countless times.

I then moved to an area that is ridiculous with trash.  I got a strange signal in the middle.  It had a nice strong iron tone, with a faint whispery higher tone.  I dug a nice plug and found a large iron nail near to the top.  I rescanned and got a very sweet signal, but deeper.  I figured it may be a deep piece of iron, but dug deeper.  I pinpointed near the side of the hole.  I dug it up and out of the hole and was shocked to see a large copper disk in the dirt.  To my complete dismay, there was a banged up 1832 large cent.  Holy cow the Deus is good!

But, you have to learn it.



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